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Course Cost - £200 (Kit Included)

HONA Gel System

Book onto our HONA Conversion Course and find out how HONA is creating a Safer, Stronger and Smarter industry standard. This exciting and informative 1/2 day course will cover all Gel Manicure and PureBuild Course information. We go into depth on HONA's recommended techniques for applications of PureBuild and HONA Gel Polish. This is an essential course for anyone wanting to convert to HONA and become more informed on allergies, long wearing application and prioritising the health of the nails.

Course cost £200 (Kit Included)

Key features of HONA Education


Training with HONA sends a message that nail health is at the forefront of your treatments. Large parts of all HONA education courses will cover safe ingredients, practices and much more.

UK Wide

HONA has partnered with leading educators from across the UK to be able to bring this course to a city near you. *All HONA educators meet strict standards set by us.

Ongoing Support

Gain access to an exclusive support community Within the group you will receive unlimited help & support from our entire education team, ensuring you're fully supported.

Entry requirements - Age 16 & Previous Gel Manicure Certificate

Course cost - £200 (Kit Included)