Wedding Nail trends & Inspiration

Wedding nail inspiration 

Can you hear those wedding bells ringing? It's time to let your nails chime in with elegance and grace! With the launch of our Wedding Edit in April we thought it was only right to create a wedding inspiration blog post collating all our our favourite wedding inspired nails we've got you covered.

1.  Classic French 

For the timeless elegance of a classic wedding look, nothing beats the perfect French tip, offering sophistication and grace, this perfect french by uses HONA PureBuild Angel and White Detail Paint



2. Plain & Simple 

For the bride who likes to keep things simple, HONA Milkshake PureBuild offers a timeless and elegant option for wedding nails. As seen in this perfect clean set from @_rai.beauty_ 



3. Pink Chrome 

This beautiful set by is the perfect pink chrome for a simplistic little sparkle on the special day. This perfect set features PureBuild Milkshake & Chrome Powder 



4. A French Twist 

Elevate your wedding look with a stunning white swirl nail design, offering a contemporary take on the timeless French manicure. The delicate swirls add an elegant touch, just as @beautyspacechelmsford has done here 



5. Something Blue 

Something blue nails bring a touch of tradition and elegance to your wedding  ensemble. With delicate blue flower details adorning this particular nail set, they offer a modern interpretation of a timeless wedding custom this set by @biab_by_bo 



6. Dried Flowers 

Capture the essence of nature's beauty on your wedding day with stunning dried flower nail art. Elevating your wedding style with a touch of organic elegance, these delicate floral accents offer a romantic and whimsical charm that perfectly complements your special day. This Set from @ohlushnails uses Buff Gel Polish, White Detail Paint, Clear Purebuild and a selection of dried flowers.  



7. Pretty in Pearls 

For a timeless touch of sophistication on your wedding day, opt for nails featuring small pearl details and a subtle sparkle. These delicate accents add a touch of glamour to your wedding look, ensuring you radiate elegance as you walk down the aisle. This pretty in pearls set from @klphillipsnails uses HONA Almond SwiftTips, Scallop Gel Polish and Holo Topcoat



8. White Florals 

For a minimalist yet elegant wedding look, consider a simple white floral design on your nails. This delicate and understated nail art adds a subtle touch of romance and complements any wedding gown beautifully, this look by @nails.bykathryn uses HONA Rubber Base, PureBuild Bubble, White Detail Paint and Selene Flakes ensuring your hands look effortlessly chic as you say "I do" 



9. Pink Velvet 

Uplift your wedding look with a touch of romance and sophistication by opting for an iridescent pink velvet nail design. This subtle yet enchanting style adds a delicate shimmer to your nails, perfectly complementing your wedding attire with a pink twist this set from @bydamonevans uses HONA Angel PureFoundation and Firefly Detail Paint



10. Golden Touch 

Elevate your wedding look with marbled nails featuring delicate gold foils or flakes, reminiscent of the timeless elegance of gold wedding bands. This chic design adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to your wedding day ensemble this design by @naileditlindsey embodies the trend perfectly using HONA White Detail Paint and Gold Foil. 



11. Tiny Stars 

Transform your wedding nails with gold star details, adding a celestial charm to your wedding look. This example from @lyssalouise.nailartist HONA PureFoundation, Swift Tips, Pink Cloud Gel Polish and Mirror Champagne Detail Paint 




Capture the magic of your special day with these enchanting wedding nail inspirations. From timeless classics to modern twists, these designs evoke elegance and charm, Let your nails be a reflection of your unique personality as you walk down the aisle. With these stunning ideas, you'll say "I do" in style, ready to begin your happily ever after.